nested ties

Greetings, loving Dorico2. Still wrapping my ornery Finale head around things.
I imported via xml a file (imported beautifully, thank you), and there are several passages where I’d like to indicate an arpeggiation being “tied” into a large chord . Its really held by the pedal, but I’ve seen it notated before, and it makes it crystal clear to me as a performer. Please see the example. The problem is I cannot stop the ties from crashing into the notes.

Dear istvan_bracz,
I think that is exactly what the Engravement mode is for. You can really adjust any tie as you need. It’s a little bit of work, but it should look exactly as you want.

I was hoping Dorico2 would not let the ties/slurs collide with the notes-
but this is a complex case, so I will enjoy doing some manual tweaking in Engrave mode.
It looks MUCH MUCH better now, THANK YOU!
(see attachment)
Fixed nicely in Engrave Mode.jpg