Nested tuplet starting off the beat

Hello guys, I was wondering if there is a way to make like this in Dorico:

since it’s a karnatic piece, I could also live with setting a default subdivision to 5, instead of 4, then I could skip the first tuplet of 5. But I haven’t heard of that being possible in Dorico.

If anybody has a solution, I’d appreciate :mrgreen:

You can’t have an inner tuplet that spans two outer tuplets, I’m afraid: tuplets have to nest tidily inside each other.

innanzitutto mi scuso se non scrivo in inglese.
E’ questo che vuoi ottenere? (vedi allegato). Volevo allegarti il file “.dorico” ma non mi è stato possibile.
Buona musica

Perhaps you might be able to fake this, I haven’t tried it out, though.

Zip the file before you post it here.

Great! That’s exactly what I need! Would you be able to send a dorico file (in zip), so hat I can see how you did it? Thanks in advance!

Thank you Daniel for your response. Do you know if this option will be available in the future? It’s not the first time I ran into this kind of trouble and it’s become increasingly annoying to have to work around it (other than that I love Dorico tho! :slight_smile:)

It’s certainly not impossible that this could change in a future version, but it would be a pretty invasive change to the way that tuplets work at present.