Nesting "linked tracks" and/or VCAs - and sharing in VCA

I might be missing something here but…

In order for me to control “Tom Toms”, three mono tracks, together, I can link the two…

But if I link the two then I can’t link all drums because I can’t nest the links, right? Every time I try to include a track that has been linked the function switches to UNlink. This is either a limitation or a design error or a bug.

So let’s say that I figure “Oh well, I’ll just use a VCA to ‘link’ the toms and two overheads” - BUT - I also want a VCA for all drum tracks:

Kick: “Link 1” and “VCA drums”
Snare: “Link 1” and “VCA drums”
Left Rack Tom: “Link 1” and “VCA toms”
Right Rack Tom: “Link 1” and “VCA toms”
Floor Tom: “Link 1” and “VCA toms”
Left Overhead: “Link 1” and “VCA Overheads”
Right Overhead: “Link 1” and “VCA Overheads”

“VCA drums” contains: Kick, Snare, “VCA overheads”, but NOT “Overheads” tracks, “VCA Toms” but NOT tom tracks…

“VCA Overheads” contains: Left OH, Right OH
“VCA Toms” contains: Left Rack Tom, Right Rack Tom, Floor Tom

So as you can see in terms of organizing things and keeping them neat not being able to nest or share tracks makes the control situation a bit inconsistent. It’s inconvenient to have to remember that my instrument VCAs control tracks except sometimes when a member is another VCA because I either do that or can’t link all the tracks in the “group”.

And about sharing, as I wrote in a different post; In Pro Tools a regular group (linked tracks) is created and is then assigned to a VCA. But groups can be nested and shared, so in PT I can do the following:

Track 1: Group 1 / Group “odds”
Track 2: Group 1 / Group “even”
Track 3: Group 1 / Group “odds”
Track 4: Group 2 / Group “even”
Track 5: Group 2 / Group “odds”
Track 6: Group 2 / Group “even”

VCA 1 controls Group 1
VCA 2 controls Group 2
VCA 3 controls Group “odds”
VCA 4 controls Group “even”

Also not possible in Nuendo 7, correct?

Can we please have some communication on where “linked” channels and VCAs are heading in terms of development?

It’s a bit frustrating because Pro Tools is still far ahead when it comes to this implementation in terms of being able to easily keep track of what’s what yet having flexibility. Ripping it off would have sufficed in my book.

Not having solo/mute on VCAs and not having nested link groups makes these functions difficult to use. I’ve had to stop using VCAs except in certain circumstances due to the fact I either need to also create a group to handle the mute/solo or link everything together. Neither situation is wanted for something the VCA should be able to handle.