Netverk problem..

Ok, here is the trouble; At my school, as I work as a teacher, we have 18 iMacs in a X-scan nettverk. We also have some items from Steinberg, like the ci2 etc. From this items we use Cubase Ai 5 and Ai 6. The problem is that I cant register them, because all the iMacs read / have the same Soft eLicenser number. I have tried to take away the netverk cable from the iMac, but for no help.
What can I do about this? Is there something I can go around it?
Can I, at last get 18 Steinberg USB keys, and bring a new Soft eLicenser number from them?


B. Finstad

You can only use one instance of the program at a time. Read the UELA.