Network Drives not appearing in Mediabay

Hi, been searching around and the only reference I can find for anyone talking about this is in the old forum from 2008! And no one got an answer :frowning:

I’m on a large, fast network at work, and a huge library of sound effects are on a remote drive - too large in fact for me to copy to my local machine.

I’ve added a shortcut to the location to my computer, and can also manually browse to it via network locations - but Media Bay shows nothing under Network Drives.

How can I get Mediabay to see my network locations?

EDIT: I should add I’m on Windows 7 and running Nuendo 5.5.0. Tried to update to 5.5.4 and it tells me it can’t ‘because the program to be upgraded may be missing’. Hmm.

Never had a problem with network.
Did you map the drive? MB only sees physical drives, no shortcuts/links.

Hi, I’ve just experienced the same issue and found the solution, thanks to Blob :

I created network shortcuts to my server, and not a map ! Here is the tuto to do it :

I wanted to share it, because I was in trouble, and there is no detailed explainations for it.
So if, in windows, you “Add a network placement” it won’t work, but if you “map a network” it will.