Network question - OSX

I wonder if anyone else has tried this?

My studio is too far away from the WiFI in my house to be connectable, so I use Ethernet to connect to the modem router, and also have a LAN going so I can connect my laptop in the house to the studio Mac.

The studio Mac has an Airport Extreme card in it, and lately I wanted to use it to set up a WiFI LAN in the studio for connection for iphone, and, especially, iPad, running control surface apps (AC7 etc)

So far so good, I create a network on the Mac using Airprt Extreme, enable Internet sharing and have no bother getting the LAN working on iPhone and iPad.

the only problem is, the newly created network keeps disappearing. Often it’s not there the next day when I re-start the Mac (but sometimes it IS there) and sometimes it randomly disappears during the day, maybe after the Mac sleeps. It seems completely inconsistent.

Anyone know why this is happening? Is there any way to get the Mac to automatically re-create it after sleep or shutdown?

Not a Mac guy, but there should be a setting to auto establish connection on the wireless NIC. The Access Point has to be set to broadcast its SSID, also.

Thanks, Nate, yes that’s what I’m looking for, but it doesn’t seem to be there. The mysterious thing is, that f’rinstance the network was there just fine today, after the studio computer was shut down for 2 days (ie the created network re-established itself) whereas some days it just disappears during the day…

any Mac network gurus out there able to explain this?

If it’s random, are you sure the Access Point isn’t too far away? Tried switching channels?