Networking Function as Nuendo

I’m looking at the Network functionalities in Nuendo, they seems to be interesting for collaborative workflows.
Will this function be included in some way in a Cubase release?

Another question: looking at the new functions released in Cubase pretty twice a year, how (if so) Nuendo follows these? Regular updates parallel to Cubase?

Hi and welcome on the forum,

This is user forum. The users don’t know. And who knows, he/she is not allowed to say about the planned features.

When Nuendo is release, it always gets all Cubase features.

I know. Sometimes they answer here, I’m a 15+ yrs old Cubase users using old forum too :slight_smile:

That’s not what I asked. I asked the exact opposite.
What happens to Nuendo when mid versions/updates/bugfixes for cubase are released :slight_smile:



Nuendo has independent release cycle. But the maintenance releases are coming both together very often.