Networking Multiple Mac Computers

Hello all. Does anyone have experience networking multiple Mac computers together for use in Cubase? I plan to use many virtual instruments as I build my instruments with VIs and samples and I’m thinking about how that’s going to tax my computer. My thought was to buy a Mac Mini and network that to my iMac and run my VIs from the Mini, but never did anything like it before. Any suggestions?

Take a look at Dante… - This makes it very easy to link computers together via VST System Link… All over Network…

You are probably better going with Vienna Ensemble Pro (VEP), as it is designed for networking software, like samplers, with DAWs.

Dante does for audio hardware what VEP does for software: networking the audio devices.

It is clear that VEP is the right tool for what you require, as VEP does not require that the slaves have audio cards.