networking multiple PC's with Nuendo or Cubase

Has anyone had experience with using multiple PC’s to host VST’s and samples while the main PC runs Nuendo? I’m hoping to spread the load onto multiple machines without loosing quality.
I tried to find if Steinberg V-Stack is still available, as that would be a possible option.

the only right way at this point is using Vienna Ensemble Pro… by far the most elegant and it uses network so no need for multiple interfaces

I didn’t have the time to check it myself but it possibly might be a great alternative to Vienna Ensemble Pro.
At the moment it’s $79.00 instead of $149.00.

Currently VE Pro will only work for VSTi, and can’t just be used as an FX rack. However, this feature (amongst others) will be added for VE Pro 5, which is due to be released some time during the next couple of months.

I have a feeling that Audioport may be too limiting for what you want, and in any case all the slaves have to be Windows. It’s only the master that can be OSX, which may or may not be a deal breaker for you. You would also still need to have a VST host on the slaves. All it does is eliminate the need for cables between computers.