Networking PLEASE

+1, I asked for this very long time ago, I wonder if it is a patent issue.

In the meantime, you can check out NetVST for this, simple but seems to work well, and it’s free. This is also built into PluginGury Unify it seems

I agree, this feature being part of Cubase would be great, an option for those running out of processing power.

Hi and thanks for your suggestion. I have actually looked at this but cannot find a way to simply run fx plugins from another computer. It seems to only be able to run synths and stuff. I simply want to add an effect on a channel and have the cpu from another system take the load…nothing more, nothing less…just like FX Teleport. I could run, synths, fx and anything else I dreamed of in that simple easy to use program…what a genius the person who invented and built that…I wonder who they are and what they are doing now?
Steinberg, please put this into a future update as soon as possible, you have the tech and the knowhow and are part of the way there…a simple switch on each track enabling the load to work from the host or the server would take Cubase into a different realm.

Vienna Ensemble Pro 7 is what FX Teleport is except it is 64 bit and works great with excellent support (Mac and PC friendly). Been using VE PRO since it came out many years and it works well for what it does.

Vienna Ensemble Pro 7 can do this

I have checked out Vienna Ensemble Pro but it is a large and difficult program and rather overkill for what I am talking about. If you check out FX Teleport you will see the simplicity and easy of use, as well as being a very light unobtrusive little program.
Not knocking VEP at all, it’s a great program for what it does but OTT and for me.


With Steinberg owning the VST3 API. and VST3 being client-server capable as an API in theory. it would be great to see a solution better than VEP.

One allowing the plugin GUI to sit on the cubase client while the plugin audio guts and processing get left on the server. this would for example allow for Komplete Kontrol and NKS to work across the network - something not possible when using VEP.

Should be a piece of cake for Steinberg. Lately my CPU is crumbling with all these larger more processor intensive vsts and I have to resolve to freezing tracks which is not ideal for me.
Come on Steinberg PLEASE PLEASE add this to your next update, you will make so many customers very happy and would propel Cubase into a new realm…it will be untouchable in my humble opinion.


That would be great if Nuendo/Cubase had a built in networking feature like this. Vienna Ensemble Pro however handles the CPU much better than Nuendo/Cubase does even on a one machine setup so I’m not too sure their solution would be better than VE PRO at this point. I really hope they can get similar CPU performance in Nuendo/Cubase soon.

I expect this problem to be solved is a (DSB box External Hardware) (this is an imaginary idea but I hope it will be implemented)
This box is made and programmed by Steinberg Company to support the computer and help the Cubase to be stronger and withstand a lot of Plugins instead of your computer
Universal Audio Company, the processor in its devices, is a programmer and supports their applications only and other companies that bias their products
I expect the DSB box to be made as
-series 1 (Compact) low performance
-series 2 (Super) medium performance
-series 3 (Ultimate) very high performance

or maybe be combined with their own Interface studio devices

I expect Protools they have already similar solutions but I really hate this company
And I hope that Steinberg improves this system and makes it fully compatible with the Cubase/neuendo



I disagree, why buy another box, no doubt it would be expensive, when most of us have additional computer/s that could run few plugins?!

I agree that Steinberg should have a built-in feature for this, as software, and you can run on any machine, Win or Mac.

Totally agree, no extra boxes or cash required, the technology exists and has done for years…(if only the guys behind FX Teleport came back , they would make a killing) What an amazing little program that was, simple yet so powerful to run effects & VST’s with a simple LAN cable and assigning which computer to run the effect…WOW these guys were ahead of their time. Reaper has this function built in to their software, although I haven’t tried it, it seems to be a similar concept.
Come on Steinberg, get this implemented into the next Cubase update and you will CLEAN-UP!!! after all, you invented VST you have the tech and the capability and can do this with ease…Please…get this included, it will be used by everyone!!

Yes, I said this earlier on my topic, Modern Cubase

I expect that these features will earn Steinberg many new users
Thank you, happy to talk to you
I hope Steinberg will play before the competitors

My guess would be that only a minority of users would really use such a feature. Sure, media composers with big setups could use that, but they probably use VEP already.
Most people would probably better off buying higher spec’ed computers than going through the hassle of having to power on multiple computers whenever working. For people with mobile rigs it is useless anyway…
I might be wrong, but i guess such a feature wouldn’t score high on a poll… Would be interesting to see, as reaper seems to have such a feature, how many people actually use it.

I respectfully disagree.

How about we start a poll?

How many of you would prefer (and can afford) to spend a few grand on a new system every year to keep up with large power hungry plugins, or flick a switch and utilise your old PC/Mac computers in a simple incorporated, LAN cable based (future-proof) setup with no hassle.
Did I mention, sustainability and more environmentally friendly?

He’s probably right, even a lot of top composers and producers only have one computer. That will be the majoirty of users… And as stated, people who do need that have probably already found alternatives - VEP, MIDI sync over LAN, or Cubase System Link.

I guess the benefit to server, is, you wouldn’t need to buy multiple instances of the program or? I’m not sure how that works. But, it’s likely such a niche a thing especially as computers are so powerful. You can pretty much build a single computer if you spec it right - mind you, that could be upwards of $10k.

I think most will try to do it all on one computer, easier to manage, but there may be a project that gets very big and the computer struggles, why not offload some of the processing to another computer or two if the option is there?