Neuendo Video engine to Cubase ?

I’m wondering if I install Nuendo 8 trial with the new video engine, might this allow Cubase to have the new video engine available or as I expect will I really need to wait for the Cubase service update with the vid engine integrated in the update ?

If it was that simple I think they would have released the video engine as standalone installer rather than waiting for the next update.

But you could always be the one to try it and let us know.

Yeah grim, it was just one of those thoughts, but yes I tried. On the plus side I have 60 days of Nuendo to play with. :sunglasses:

It should be in the next update, it’s not like the old one isn’t working.
What’s the hurry ?

I am waiting for it too. If not having had quicktime installed not a good idea to do it now.

Why expose yourself to any known risk just because you are running a Steinberg product?
No matter how small a risk, qt is deprecated.

Extremely small risk, as in no one as ever been infected by using the video engine in Cubase.
But it is a good thing that we finally can look forward to a new video engine.
Then there is the satisfaction of uninstalling something from Evil Corp. Priceless!

All with you on that one. :wink: