Neues an der FLS Front...

Es gibt Neuigkeiten!

Das würde u.a. auch bedeuten das Microsoft endlich den Kernel Modus für CPU über 12 Kerne verbessert, darauf läuft ja seit Windows 10 die Multimedia Library. Das verursacht seit 2016 Probleme bei leistungsfähigen Maschinen.
Besten Dank für die Info, ich bin nämlich gerade einen neuen PC am planen, wo bei mir bisher eine Intel - CPU mit nur 8 Kernen geplant ist.

Gute Neuigkeiten, danke für die Info :slight_smile:

If you mean the MMCSS priority thread limit, Steinberg support knows how to work past that with a registry key and a value they calculate, that increases the number of threads.

It’s not posted publicly because it has system-wide performance impacts if set too high, and also isn’t an officially supported solution.


yes, exactly the MMCSS thread limit I meant. Thank you for the answer quasi from Microsoft. :slight_smile:

Is this still fixed with the Windows function upgrade under the Insider Preview Build 18312, along with the FLS Slot Limit?

As far as I know, the workaround that Steinberg support provides (the reg key) still works in 18312. You may need to re-add it, though, as I’ve seen cases where the reg key is not carried over in an OS upgrade.


Thank you so much for the valuable information, Pete.

in this case, it will be the same or similar to the Steinberg Soft eLicenser, which I will also need to reinstall after upgrading Windows.

I interpret your statement currently so this patch has to be made even longer manually, so not in the next Windows release is available as the slot thing.

English Text Translation for German Readers:

Soweit ich weiß, funktioniert die von Steinberg unterstützte Problemumgehung (der Registrierungsschlüssel) auch in 18312. Möglicherweise müssen Sie sie die Einträge erneut hinzufügen, da ich Fälle gesehen habe, in denen der Registrierungsschlüssel nicht in einem Betriebssystem übernommen wird bei der Windows - Aktualisierung.

Vielen herzlichen Dank für die wertvollen Informationen, Pete.

in diesem Fall wird es daselbe oder ähnliches sein wie mit dem Soft eLicenser von Steinberg, diesen muss ich ebenfalls erneut installieren nach der Aktualisierung von Windows.

Ich interpretieren Ihre Aussage derzeit so dass dieser Patch noch länger manuell gemacht werden muss, somit nicht im nächsten Windows Release vorhanden ist wie die Slot Sache.

Unfortunately, I do not speak German, but I don’t think you have it quite correct.

I’m running on 18312 on my PC right now. I wrote a C++ program, on the desktop, to count available slots. Here it is running under the debugger:

This is the code:

The limit is increased just by installing 18312. You do not need to make any other changes, or install any other patches. However, 18312 is a preview build, so I recommend installing ONLY if you are technical and you are ok with an unstable build of Windows.

The FLS slot increase will be available in the 19H1 release this year.


Thank you Pete for the very interesting explanations!
I am very thankful for that.

I think 4076 slots for plugins are a good thing. It should be enough for most projects.

I can not wait to try this out.

I would like to know if it also has positive effects on the MMCSS Multimedia Library?

This update does not change the MMCSS limit.

Steinberg support has a workaround registry key they can provide people running into this limit.


Many thanks for the clarification Pete. In this case I would buy despite Registry patch only an i7 or i9 CPU with 8 cores as a workstation.

If there are problems with the performance, I still have my Vienna Ensemble Pro Host Computer.