Neundo 64

I’ve got my new machine built, Win7 64bit, Nuendo 64bit, i7 3.2Gz, 16G Ram, Asus P9x79 Deluxe

On some sessions the machine just crashes with no warning.

I have buddy that is convinced that I should be running Nuendo 32bit.
Before I go reinstall Nuendo I thought I’d see what yall had to say.


First of all, you can have the 32-bit and 64-bit version next to each other.
No need to re-install.

Secondly, be sure that the plugins you use are also 64-bit.
If not, then they get “bridged” to 64bit and that is a can of worms you better avoid.


Nuendo is rock solid on my very similar machine with 32 & 64 bits.
With most major plugin manufacturers finally having come round to 64bit versions I hardly use the 32 bit version, anymore.
But, as Fredo already mentioned, there are (few) plugins which instantly kill Nuendo and even the OS ( great to have auto safe…). Those are solely 32 bit plugs, here. Once spotted and kicked off the PC it is a pleasure to work on and on …

If you need such a 32 bit plugin the best you can do ist actually to use 32bit Nuendo. For normal operations and nprs there is not too much you are missing. Just the memory restriction is an occasional problem.

Big K

“Blue Screen Of Death”:

Is there an easy way to tell if a plugin is 32bit?

Are there problems running a 64bit plugin in a 32bit host?

Does JBridge help?


The plugins have separate installers, or at least have separate installs.
Meaning that it would have been very clear upon install.

Are there problems running a 64bit plugin in a 32bit host?

You can’t.

Does JBridge help?

Jbrige works very good for the majority of plugins.
But again, it’s better -way better- to use native 64bit versions.


That BSOD is indicative of a virus, I believe…on a new system, a BSOD is much more likely to be caused by bad drivers somewhere or, as suggested, a dodgy plugin.

BSOD are pretty much always caused by a hardware component.


What Santa said. I am still swapping between 32bit and 64 bit because I have still a lot of 32 bit plugins.
When using 64 bit Nuendo you have to spend a sunday afternoon checking out which of your 32bit plugins run well with the internal bitbridge and which should better be bridged by jBridge.

For example I have - beside almost everything from Waves, Sonnox, PSP, Voxengo etc - truckloads of freeware stuff - those oldies - for example Digitalfishphones… Blockfish and so on. There are no equivalents for some of those dinosauriers. But they are running 100% solid via jBridge. Even more solid then without - I suffered from denormalisation CPU spikes in the past.

UAD for example will not run with internal bridge - to be precise - it works well, but just to a certain amount of plugins. I had Nuendo Freezes/Quits when opening old projects - till I realized that the crash appeared always at the same moment when loading - when using UAD via jBridge you can blow your cards. Powercore is running fine via internal bridge, Drumagog as well… It is a shame that Drumagog and Powercore are still 32bit. Yea - UAD is 64 bit… but I still have a couple of UAD1…

Are the UAD-1 plugs 32 bit?


Really!!! JBridge will blow your UAD card?

What do you do about running the UAD1s from Nuendo 64?

Is JBridge even worth it?

I was talking about the fact that UAD 1 and 2 Plugins are running great via jBridge, so you can use all DSP of all Cards without problems. Steinberg bridge will make Nuendo/Cubase freeze after 20 plugins or something like that.

Ah cool…

But if I’m running 64bit Nuendo, then I just need to JBRidge the UAD1 plugins?

Well - no and yes - some will report that it will work without jBridge. And they are right. In some way.

–> As I said: the internal Bridge works ok with UAD plugins - just until a certain amount of plugins. I do not have any numbers. Maybe 20? 30? If you go above that you will need jBridge.

Just my findings.

As j-bridge is very ceap I wouldn’t hassle with Steinbergs own bridge.
I have used jbridge before on my 32 bit system to access more ram (32 bit Kontakt bridged in 32 bit Nuendo) and now to bridge my remaining 32 bit plugins in 64 bit nuendo and did not have a single problem so far. Performancewise I also can see no difference between a jbridged 32 bit plugin and its 64 bit counterpart…


Since version 6.4.0 the UAD plugins are 64bit. So bridging isn’t necesscary.

Does that Update work with UAD-1 ?

No, the last version for the UAD-1 is version 6.1 and this is 32 bit. :frowning: