Neuro Mindset Sample/Wav location?

I bought the Rawtekk - Neuro Mindset for Groove Agent 4, really good but i have a quick question about the soundpack.

Can anybody tell me where the Neuro Mindset samples/Wav’s are located on my hard drive?

I can find them easy enough by using the “Media Bay” but i like knowing where they are on my HD so i can import them into other samplers like the NN-XT in Propellerheads Reason etc.

I run Cubase Pro 8 on my Mac Book Pro.

Any help will be much appreciated.

The samples for Steinberg’s VSTs are stored in compressed .vstsound files. They’re not present in your HDD as loose files that can be used anywhere.

Were you planning to use some specific feature in NN-XT that GA4 doesn’t have? Depending on what it is you could make a new thread requesting for it to be added to GA4.

So what your saying is that we dont have access to the samples/wav’s unless we use the “Media Bay”?

That is a shame, I been using Reason since version 1 and my whole sample library is in “NN-XT” format.

When i buy a new sample pack, i usually go through it, save everything i like as “NN-XT” patches and delete the rest.

This means that when im making music and i need some drums, bass or perk etc, i can call up the relevant “NN-XT” patch and everything fits my midi arrangements without having to reassign pads etc.

I bought the sample pack, why is Steinberg forcing me to use the “Media Bay”?

I bought Rob Papens Punch which is amazing but hard to use but no problem because you have access to the samples/wav’s so i just made some “NN-XT” patches with the samples i liked and now i have the whole library at my fingertips ready to use.

I like Groove Agent but i dont want to be forced to use it.

Well they’re called GA4/GA4SE expansions for a reason, you’re supposed to be using them with GA4. :stuck_out_tongue:

They let you drag and drop samples from mediabay to your project so you can apply more advanced edits and processing directly to the samples, then you can drop them back into GA4 to build your own custom kits.

Yes i totally understand and respect what steinberg is trying to accomplish by routing everything through the Media Bay but that’s just how i work, been using Reason for a long time now.

On that note, i figured out how to “Export” everything out of the Media Bay :slight_smile:

Step 1
Open the Media Bay and locate the Samples/Wav’s that you want to export.

Step 2
Drag the samples into the sequencer, Cubase will ask you if you want to place the samples on different tracks.
Click “Yes” and wait for Cubase to finish importing the samples/Wav’s on to new tracks.

Step 3
Select all the samples you just imported into the sequencer and right click.
A menu will pop up, select “Render in Place”
Wait until Cubase has finished then navigate to your music folder, where you keep your Cubase tunes and the samples will be in your “Audio” folder.

I just finished exporting the whole Rawtekk - Mindset soundpack in one go, took about 50 minutes and created about 1000 tracks so i recommend doing it on the full version of Cubase so you have unlimited tracks.