"Never Empty" and "Horizons"

Hi all,
Finished two tracks with Cubase. Leaned heavy on HalionSonic and Groove Agent SE. There are also some Kontakt instruments as well. I put together a couple videos to help support the music. Really wish I had more time to devote to projects but a couple a year seems to be my speed.



Hey rotku, really nice tune!

Nice work. Cute videos, too. If you’re hoping for feedback beyond a listen, I’d just suggest varying your piano sound and/or voicings a little more from song to song. There was a similarity that could be seen in a good light as being “your sound”, but at the same time there’s a point to be made about things possibly being seen as “more of the same”, or “too much of a good thing”.
This is totally a matter of taste, and it’s very subjective. Just sharing my impression, but also saying that your music is good, and hoping you and others will get joy from it.

Nicely done, just a mixing taste comment, I don’t know the genre at all so this may be exactly how it’s supposed to sound, the drums could do with a bit more room sound to gel them into the mix and perhaps sidechain and duck the snare 1-2db behind the main vocal - which also needs to come up slightly or set up a distortion send on the vocal, parallel mix it to add some fizz at the top end to cut through the mix.

(edit) sounds counter-intuitive (to bringing the vocal forward) but after bringing the vocal forward I’ll also set a high and low-passed send to the same room verb as the drums to add a sense of being in the same room.

enjoyed this alot! Was that heaviocity scoring guitars in the latter half? Everything about this is first rate.

Thanks to all for the input. Hope to press forward with new music and videos as time permits.