Never......Made with Cubase Studio 5

New song called Never…Still in progress…Just wanted to get some feedback…

Thanks in advance


Hey CWS!

I like the sound of the backing vocals, a little off sometimes, maybe redo some parts.
The song is nice but it are a lot of verse/choruses. With a popsong I always expect after the second chorus a sort of bridge or an alternative part or arrangment. This is not a rule ofcourse but if you don’t do that the song tends to get boring wheter it’s fantastic or not.

The mix is in balance exept for the crash on the far left, it seems distant or not one with the drumkit. Maybe put a compressor on a total drumbus to glue that together.

On a sidenote, I like the downstrum on the third beat everytime, makes it unexpected.

Greetz Dylan.

Pleasant enough song. I agree with Dylan’s critique. The drums sound too straight to me, the groove needs more variety for a song of this length. Not bothered about panning, wherever the sound works is fine with me :sunglasses:

Nice song, I too agree with most of what Dylan said. The harmonies aren’t always in tune, the drums are a little boring (those fills really ask for some toms!), and the song could use a bridge.
Other than that, the track is great though (Crash sounds fine to me btw), nice mix!

Thanks for all the great comments

Yeah good work, sounds much better :slight_smile:
Drums are better, although I feel the tom rolls sound a little unconvincing. Not sure how to improve them, experiment a little with faster rolls or a slightly more punchy tom sound.
Nice track!

Song is almost complete…Any other suggestions before it is mastered.