NEVER MIND! - Hear the Click - See But Can't Hear Audio

Newbie error - it’s necessary to click the ‘Monitor’ button with BOTH Recording and Playback. That is, it’s possible to have Monitoring On for Recording, but Off for Playback!
Not particularly intuitive, but that’s the way of it!


Using TASCAM US-144mkII w/Cubase LE5.
Using the Tutorial files, all is fine. Output heard thru USB into TASCAM Interface.
I record my own project testing with a guitar, I can see the sound-image develop as I record.
However, all I can hear during playback is the click-track.
Double-checked output settings in Cubase and in Windows.

Anybody got any ideas as to what I should be re-checking?


Do you have the track monitor turned on?

Set Auto-Monitoring to Tape Machine Style in Prefs.