Never mind the thoughts - here's the results

Here’s a little Baroque gem, output with no manual edits for playback, other than some tempi changes.

Using my own Stage layout, and a slightly modified “Church” Space template, I’ve been able to get what to my rudimentary ears sounds like a pretty decent mix.

Previous attempts with Dorico’s mixer, or trying to pass MIDI to Logic for ‘finer control’ were nowhere near as good.

Anyone else done anything good?


Sweet, nice work! Pretty convincing, of course it’s the vocals that break the uncanny valley, instrumental sounds great.

My auditory memory is in big church spaces there tends to be a tiny bit of a slap, probably due to all the hard stone surfaces, even with the massive reverb. An audience tends to ‘tubby’ that up, this rendition sounds like there’s a lot of wall hangings, I wonder if it’s possible to do more of this, or is that asking too much of the system?

I toned down the reverb from the default Church setting. I didn’t want to overdo it, but perhaps I could go back a little further.

I’ve listened to plenty of choirs where you can’t hear the words, anyway… But until we can get NP-style phrasing with EW Wordbuilder phonemes, this concoction of my own making is as good as I’ve found.

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Fer sure , yeah vocals are the worst. I think Arne said that EW Choirs was on the list, especially since they already support Opus but the problem was getting the words over. I looked into it briefly, seemed to me you could maybe manually upload the lyrics and it might work, depending on your rhythmic complexity (and how long syllables are held probably), don’t know otherwise.

What is the instrument library used in the example?

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Orchestral Tools Miroire for the Strings; GPO5 for the Organ and Noteperformer for the Trumpet.

The vocals are GPO5 Full Choir, plus two other vocal samples for which I’ve created my own instruments in ARIA Player. One of them alternates the vowel on a Round Robin, so that you get a re-articulation on each note, without affecting the legato. Having three different samples playing gives more of a ‘choir’ feel.

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Thanks! It gives an impressive result!