NEVER move a folder with groups inside? wtf

this just destroyed a lot of work:

when I put a bunch of tracks and groups in a folder, and move the folder in time, only the clips with their automation gets moved, not the automation of group tracks or any other stuff.

why. just why. makes folder pointless. so incredibly annoying,

I guess, this is because there are no events on group tracks, which the automation would follow. You’ll have to show all automation first and then select and move everything at once.

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You can’t move a folder in time.


yes. but how misleading is that. Then they should either make the folder not movable, or make it move everything.
I could see no scenario in which this chaotic functionality is useful.

Sorry for the rant. Just cost me an hour of work. totally unnessecary.

You are right, it would definitely be great to be able to move a collapsed folder in the project window, containing all events plus automation on group tracks - although I never tried to use it like that before.

But it would make a nice feature request! :slight_smile:

+1 - Agreed

Again, the folder is not moveable in time. It never was.

Content is not selected here, and it moves with the folder’s image.


What is your definition of “not moveable?”

The content is just an representation of what is in the folder.
If you select the content (or parts of it), then only the selected content moves, not the folder itself.
The folder only moves in the track list.

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But - if you don’t select the content, it all moves with the folder’s image. @st10ss , @fredo, isn’t that what you also see?

You can not select a folder track without selecting the content.
Say you have content in the first minutes, then a gap where there is nothing, and then later on some more events, then you need to select the specific part of the content that you want to move. Selecting the first part an move it will not affect the second part which is later in the timeline.
The visual representation within the folder track track, only shows you what is inside and vertically “groups” all these events. The Group Editing feature is taking this yet a step further.


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Thanks Fredo

I guess this is about semantics, you can move a folder part. in time.

Could be possible. :wink:

@Fredo used the term folder track. That is more precise, I think.
You can’t move an audio track in time, but it’s possible to move its content.

let’s always specify! lol


oh FFS! Come on guy…