Never Should have tried it

I installed the Dorico Pro 2 trial for 30 days. After a dreadfully complex and annoying install procedure (really, this should be ONE file and that’s it!) I now find that I can’t use Finale 25 anymore! Something in Dorico conflicts with Finale. The sound library is messed up. So I have to re-install Finale. How could this happen, and why let it? Very, very disappointed.

Finale has multiple things to install too.

I’ve never had trouble with the Dorico demo and Finale. Maybe you should tell us something about your system, OS, etc.

Try exiting Dorico before starting Finale, or uncheck the option to have the Audio Driver take total control of the sound card.


Hello mbhaub,

Sorry to read of your frustration there.

I have to say that I too have Finale 25 and installed Dorico 2 and had no problems at all. I do hope that you manage to resolve things and am able to give Dorico 2 a good airing.

As a previous long-term Finale user, I now use Dorico exclusively and Finale remains unused as, for me, Dorico is so much better. If you do continue with your trial, you will find folk in these forums to be incredibly helpful and Daniel and the team are also here regularly.

Good luck.

I didn’t have this problem either, so perhaps it’s unique to your setup. Perhaps it’s unrelated to Dorico, and the timing was just a coincidence? Conceivably, it could even be a bug with Finale, rather than Dorico, so your disappointment might be misplaced.

Without providing much more detailed information, it’s hard to tell what’s going on. However, no one “let this happen”. No one at Steinberg said “Oh, I see it will corrupt Finale: meh, who cares?” Either they tested it and had no problem, or they didn’t test it, because testing against every combination of third-party software is unrealistic.

If you’re “disappointed” at one thing going wrong when you installed something, I can’t imagine that you’ve been a Finale user long. :laughing:

I notice the OP didn’t even think to tell us what operating system he/she/they is/are running.

I’m just adding my support as a user whose Dorico installations run just fine alongside both Sibelius and Finale, on both macOS and Windows 10.

Maybe you could explain what went wrong in installation. It’s designed to be very straightforward. Could it be that something in the process was unexpected and ‘steps were taken…’?