Never used 32-bit plug till now ... Problems.

Hi - can someone give me some guidance please? 64-bit Cubase, and “must-use” 32-bit plug-in (I assume, it’s so old it doesn’t say anywhere). I’ve never used anything but, 64-bit plugs before.

I just threw it in as an insert, and it worked great a bunch of times, but now is acting all buggy, working correctly maybe one out of ten times.

I guess by default I’m using Cubase VST bridge, and I should be using J-Bridge? Can someone please maybe give a quick hint or two on the mechanics of how to do that, things like where the.dll should go, etc?


That thread seems very helpful, will give it a go.

I’m not sure if you can do this with the same version of Cubase (but suspect you can). But I know with different versions you can install one as 32-bit and the other 64. Then just use the 32 to do what you need with your plug-in. Then render the results and import into 64-bit for the rest of your work.

I’d backup the system disk & create a restore point - in case things get messed up.
Then run the C7.x installer and see if it lets you install your current version as 32-bit.
If not run installer for a version back (e.g. 7.0 for 7.5, or 6.x for 7.0).
Once you have a 32-bit version installed make sure the Windows default for Cubase is the 64-bit version & create a shortcut for 32-bit version so you can run it when you want.

Thanks for that raino. Ultimately I got it to behave and got the job done, and I took it out of my VST folder as quickly as I could, hopefully to never see it or another 32-bit plug-in again!

You give a nice alternative to using J-Bridge, thanks. Every now and then the 32-bit Cubase opens by mistake on my system. Maybe it was trying to tell me something!