Nevermind new Cubase upgrades, deal with the problems first.

Nevermind new Cubase upgrades, deal with the problems from the previous Cubase versions first, such as the ‘Average Performance Load’ stuttering problem that many users have been experiencing.
If this problem hasn’t been solved first, I will be strongly considering purchasing and using Pro Tools instead and strongly recommending other Cubase users to do the same thing.
You’re all always too so ready to release new versions of Cubase onto the market just before releasing new maintenance downloads for it. It’s bloody stupid.
Wait until you’ve solved all problems being releasing the bloody things first.
Richard Steed

Personally, I love the constant stream of new features with each new version and every Cubase version I’ve used (which is nearly all of them since the birth of Cubase) has worked well for me. Sure, there have been various bugs but nothing that’s ever stopped me working effectively.

My view is that if you are one of the unlucky ones who experience serious problems due to system incompatibility or your personal working preferences etc then you just have to roll back to the previous version and wait until the issue is resolved in a new update. Of course, nobody is forced to use any of the newer versions.

If you think moving to another DAW will mean you never have to cope with any bugs/issues, I’d say you will probably end up disappointed.

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you are obviously new to the steinberg rollout program. the workaround is “patience” if a given version of an application is 100% bug free (impossible at this level/price point) there would be no incentive to upgrade. welcome to the world of software/hardware marketing. btw…PTools/reaper/S1/DP/Ableton/apple/MS/etc all follow this model
if a bug hinders your workflow/setup then simply dont upgrade/update till its fixed.

Synthman3’s post made me laugh. Don’t know why :astonished: :smiley: :mrgreen:

Maybe you aren’t an ‘Average Performance Load’ user?

And pay U$ 200/year only for “support” and to be able to upgrade? No thanks… :laughing:

I remember when he was Synthman 1,he must have come up in the world.

I’m not saying anyone is forcing me to buy the new versions.
They should concentrate on focusing on perfecting the previous versions first.
No one needs Cubase 8 especially when they release the bloody thing too soon before they’ve perfected it because they keep on releasing bloody goddamn maintenance versions.
Bloody stupid.

You love the constant stream of new features of new updates even when you can’t get the previous bloody versions to work properly first?
Seems a bit daft to me that does.

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Interesting that we very recently had a Protools user on here wanting to move to Cubase for the same reason, strokes n’ folks :wink: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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SYNTHMAN3, I’d say it’s enough trolling.