New 10.5 Updates? Search for updates function? GA5 updates?

I have Cubase pro 10.5, and Groove Agent 5.

Where do we have to look for updates??
The page here is quite complicated

I hope you will improve this and unify as stated and add a search for updates function in the library manager or download assistant, that analyzes the system and content library and provides a list of all the available updates.

Now I installed the updated Groove agent 5.0.30. There wasn’t any news of this in the Hub…Am I supposed to browse all the vst and Cubase versions in the download manager to look for updates?? Do I have to install again the GA 5 content file? Or is the same as before?

Should I install the new version of Retrologue or Halion Sonic SE or Padshop as well?? As a Cubase 10.5 user I would expect to get a notification of this updates. Or are only for the ones who bought Cubase 11? I don’t think so for there are a lot of bug fixes

Or are you preparing a new update, some Cubase 10.5.30?? that contains all the updates to the instruments and bug fixes??

It’s a bit confusing, :question: anyone can help? Thanks :slight_smile:

I have found this, this answers to some of the questions

then we have to look manually for every single update…and install it

A “search for updates” function would make everything much easier for the users