New 15.6in 1080p Notebook - Cubase GUI blurry or too small

Hello guys,

my new notebook has a 15.6in display and a 1920 × 1080 resolution. The scaling under windows is set to 125%, otherwise everything is too small.
Cubase 9.5 does not scale properly, it looks very blurry. I tried to deactivate the scaling for Cubase but then everything is too small.
So is there anything else you can do? At 1600 x 800 resolution it looks okay but I don’t want to lower the general resolution only because of Cubase.
Maybe it is possible somehow to only run Cubase at 1600 x 800?
I use Cubase since version 5 and do not understand why version 9.5 does look blurry on a normal 1920 x 1080 laptop. Are there any plans from Steinberg to fix this in Cubase 10? I could hang on until November if I know this will be fixed, otherwise I am really considering buying another DAW that is capable of proper scaling (really don’t want that, but using Cubase that way it is no enjoyable user experience)


Does anybody have a tip?

I had the same issue, I used this workaround.

Thanks! Looks a little bit better but still far from being optimal. With a 125% scaling Cubase doesn’t scale at all and with 130% it looks better than before but still quite blurry.

Hey guys.
I have the exact same problem on my new laptop. I have 9.5 Pro.
Did any of you find a solution? Like a good one? I tried the one above, but it did not really make it work for me.

Unfortunately there is no solution at the moment. I had high hopes when I read “Hi DPI” in the Cubase 10 feature list only to find out that this feature is Mac only (under Windows 10 it has only a very rudimentary HiDPI support which can either display anything at 100% or 200%).
Please Steinberg - bring Hi-DPI for Windows in one of the next Cuabse 10 maintenance updates!