New 2016 MacBook Pro - need help selecting cables please

I have a Samsung lC34f791 21/9 1440 monitor which is TB3.
I need a 3m cable , and would like to know what others are using successfully , in order to get 60hz refresh at 4K resolutions?
I know about the patch , but need a cable that will do the job.
The monitor has two USB3 sockets on the rear and these will be used for dongles.

Also , am interested in pairing this new Mac up with a Motu M4 soundcard , and would like to know if would have success running a 5m cable? If so , what cable is best? Or should I simply get a USB-C to USB-A cable , and run it that way?

The ‘TetherTools cables for USB-C seem to be good , and I have seen others using Startech for TB3.
Any help very welcome.
Many thanks.

Thanks for no replies.
I will probably use a USB-C to Display Port cable.
This site is rubbish in this new format.