New 6.0.7 update - need to re-apply? [ans: no]

What with the new post for this? Was the previous release one of the unofficial ones?

Yeah, 6.0.7 was unsupported until today. No idea if they actually changed anything? The fact that it’s still called 6.0.7 leads me to believe it’s still exactly the same update, just with Steinbergs signature below it.

As i remember i had to go back from 6.0.7 to 6.0.6 because there was a Problem with the QuickControls. (but maybe it was my own fault)

as the title says, is it necessary or is it exactly the same?


I wish this had been made clearer in the post. So, anyone know for sure whether anyone who has already installed 6.0.7 needs to install this one? Helge…?

I guess it’s the same, the build date is 13 March for the “new” patch too.

Thank you, Peter.

Aloha D,

Helge posted:

the fully supported 6.0.7 maintenance update

AFAIK pre-releases are not fully supported.

I believe that is real the difference.

and is there a problem with the QC or was it my own fault?

Hi all,
the updater is the same, the only difference is that we fully support the release. We don’t know of any issues with QC in 6.0.7.


Thanks in Advance!

Thank you, Helge.