New 7.5 install, hang on launch? OSX 10.9.1

I have just purchased Cubase 7 (which auto-activated 7.5).
Neither 7 or 7.5 will launch as after it scans all plugins it hangs. The only way to exit Cubase is to force quit (I never get the hub splash screen). Subsequent launches just instantly crash. In activity monitor I am seeing three additional items “not responding”.

They are:

I am not sure what to do as removing every trace of Cubase plus the prefs then re-installing does no good.

I am in a 2012 mac mini w/ 16gigs ram, OSX 10.9.1, Saffire Pro 40 latest firmware, and I run two monitors (one from HDMI and the other from display port).

Any ideas out there?

Hello IFM,

As a starter, try renaming your VST plugins folder so that Cubase finds no plugins to scan. Launch Cubase, see if it works without any of your 3rd party plugins. If all is good, you can later take all your plugins out of the VST folder (BTW you can do this as the first step instead of renaming the folder) and put them back in one by one to find the culprit.

I’m sure other members will join in offering probably better ideas.

The issue seems to be resolved. I did as you suggested and removed all plugins which allowed Cubase to completely open. I then starting putting them back in and had to update a couple (Ozone, Melodyne) and after that it has been functional. The only odd thing is the ‘videopreload’ and others I mentioned above are still showing NOT RESPONDING. I have no idea what Cubase has to do with these but as long as it is working I don’t care.

So far CPU usage in 7.5 (was a former 6 and briefly 7.0 user) is much improved.