new 8.5 mixer hovers also in the inspector

Cubase 8.5 Advertising from Steinberg

Attention to detail

There’s hardly an area of Cubase that hasn’t been tweaked and improved in version 8.5

Update 8.5 fixed the stranglely overlapping hovers for the plugin etc controls in the mixer view.
So far so good.
However in the inspector strip and midi inserts still have the strange popovers or the old layout.
This makes the handling and design is inconsitent.
Please fix this, pay attention to the detail.

If you activate the new static buttons in the mix console (for sends and inserts), they are automatically activated in the inspector, too.

but not in the strip. And midi inserts are “old school” too

Yes, that’s true. But you wrote “sends” in your first post.

indeed, sorry I mixed it up… corrected.