Exclusively for members of Music-Society - a new soundbank of mine for the Charlatan 2 from “Blaukraut-Engineering”. 32 Patches
in the style of the era of the 80ies. Cos of some discussions in other forums and own musicprojects in this style, I decided to
create some patches for this synth…
In this bank there are some typical Polysynths, Pads, Keys, Basses or FX/Seq.sounds of that time…

Demo by Bam Dorner

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Charlatan is a polyphonic, subtractive virtual analog (VA) synthesizer plugin with focus on sound quality and easy usability. It comes with a flexible, yet not overwhelming feature set which encourages artists to start tweaking instead of just relying on presets. Inspite of it’s simplicity, Charlatan’s architecture is flexible enough to create both classic sounds and rather experimental noises. While making no compromise about sound quality, the sound engine has been highly optimized for efficient CPU usage making Charlatan well suited as a „bread and butter“ synth even in projects with a large number of plugin instances.

Best of all, it’s FREEWARE! Enjoy!
Key Features

2 oscillators with shape modulation
Oscillator hard synchronization and ring modulation
Unison mode with upto 7 voices and stereo spread
Stereo noise generator
2 ADSR envelope generators
LFO with host tempo synchronization
3 filter types modeled after classic analog hardware: 4-pole (24 db/oct) and 2-pole (12 db/oct) lowpass, bandpass
3 voice modes: Monophonic, Monophonic Legato and 8-voice Polyphonic
Ultra-low CPU usage

only win32 bit/win64 Freeware