New Academico font

Hello, I have experienced a new problem with the displayed font in the lyrics and title of my songs (written in Russian), likely to be from updating to MacOS 11 (Big Sur). The selected font is Academico but the displayed font is something different. If I open old Dorico files, the font becomes the newer one as well. I have attached an older pdf I made in MacOS 10 compared to a new one made in MacOS 11.

Is there a way to get back the old Academico font? I like that one a lot better. Or should I just downgrade back to Catalina.

I can’t say if this happens with English text because I’ve only written songs in Russian. I’m running Dorico (February 17 2020).

Thanks for any help (and thanks for helping with my other Russian text situation I had earlier as well). (107 KB)

Academico doesn’t include any Cyrillic characters at all, I’m afraid, so you have always been seeing a substituted font, and Dorico doesn’t have any control over which font you see. You should try to find a font whose Cyrillic alphabet you really like, and then use that as your default text font in both Engrave > Font Styles and Engrave > Paragraph Styles. Some good text fonts with permissive licenses that cover the whole Cyrillic range can be found e.g. here.

Thank you so much, I think I have found the font that is substituted: Lucida Grande.

Hi Daniel,
By the way, would be nice if you add the Cyrillic alphabet into Academico Font. :slight_smile: There are three reasons for that:

  1. Cyrillic is the second widely used alphabet in Europe /and the third Worldwide/
  2. Cyrillic is also the second one mostly used in the music /instrumentation, tempo, expressions/ in
    Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and some countries in Europe and Asia which were part of USSR.
  3. Both the Latin and Cyrillic have many letters in common, so only these which are different should
    be created from scratch, and some of the small letters should be modified.

I hope you would think about this idea! :slight_smile:

Best wishes,

There are of course other open source fonts based on Century Schoolbook that do have Cyrillic, such as Tex Gyre’s Schola.