NEW Activation Code is same as OLD one. HELP

I received a Download Access Code with the purchase of a new UR22mkII. I installed Cubase AI 9.5 onto my home iMac computer and received an Activation Code by email, registered it with eLicenser, and was able to open Cubase. My plan is to install the Cubase onto my PC laptop as well, so that I can do some recording at the cottage.

A few weeks later I downloaded Cubase 9.5 onto my laptop and received an “new” Activation Code by email. However, the “new” activation code that I received is identical to the first activation code I received weeks earlier, and it cannot be activated by elicenser because “it has been used already”. Not sure what to do. I’ve tried everything.



If you are using Soft-eLicenser (what is the default option for Cubase AI), you can activate Cubase at one computer only. If you want to activate on other computer, you have to reactivate. So the license is on one computer at the given time only.

If you want to use Cubase on several computers, you have to use USB-eLicenser, and copy the license on it. Then Cubase starts at the computer, where the USB-eLicenser is plugged in.

Thank you!