New addition to the family....


Nice! :sunglasses:

I wrote 90% of all my new tunes since 2003 on my Greg Bennett guitar. :wink:

The force be with you, Ian. And enjoy!

Sounds like your baby is a beauty. Pass out the cigars! :sunglasses:


Drool drool drool :wink:


A plank and some strings! Nice! :laughing:

Only joshin’ with ya… It looks lovely. Beautifully crafted.

Not as lovely as one of these, of course :wink:

Not as expensive either! Enjoy it… I hope it brings mucho inspiration :sunglasses: :sunglasses:


Aren’t there supposed to be a couple-of-thousand patch cords hanging out of that thing? It just don’t look right all nekkid like that! :wink:

I’ve got some serious concerns about the factory strings!! :imp: 4 down…two to go :confused:

Keyboard snob. :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing: One thing I DO like about keys over gats though is the issue of tuning :smiling_imp: I never have tuning problems with my keyboards! :smiley: But hopefully intonation hassles will be less of an issue now.

Meanwhile she got her first test drive live last night. Ran it through a POD express… :sunglasses:

Sweet! I never change just one string. If one goes, they all go.

Yeah… I’ll swap out the remaining two. While the replacements are of course the same gauge, and they are obviously all new strings it’s probably only a matter of time before the last two factory strings go PING anyway! :open_mouth:

I don’t really understand what the issue is with the original strings though? :confused:

No such thing as new strings on a guitar unless you put them there. Especially if you bought it off the wall of a music store.

That almost looks like our SoCo model, Collings SoCo Deluxe | Semi-hollow Electric Guitar
Except, if you are getting that guitar for less than $1000, then it’s much less expensive.

Peace and enjoy,

Hi Billy,

You guys make gorgeous instruments!


That’s a really nice axe! Congratulations on the acquisition!

Well, it’s a new set now! :smiley:
I picked this one up direct from the importer/distributor warehouse as it happens. No idea how long they would have had it there?

Yeah…very similar design and spec. :sunglasses:


Congratulations, looks like a beauty. I watched the whole video, and it took me until about 3/4 of the way through before I realized the guy is not going to let us hear it, he’s just going to tell us what it sounds like. So now you have to let us hear it!


You’ve never had a Korg MS20 or an SH101 linked to a kenton midi to CV box then!!! :laughing:

I have absolutely no idea what any of those things are, so no I haven’t ever had a Korg MS20 or an SH101 linked to a kenton midi to CV box!! :laughing:

Keeping them in tune when people keep opening the door and the room temp drops… almost as bad as some Gibsons :laughing: