New Age Space Rock using Cubase 6

Hey everyone

My name is Chris and I like to party :laughing: No just kidding. Um I really love writing music and I love Cubase because it doesn’t seem to get in the way of my creative wanderings.
This is one of the songs I wrote and recorded using Cubase 6. Its called Surrender. Its kind of a moody spaced out new age rock vibe. Feedback is welcome.

Cheers, Chris

Wow!! Great song! Great voice. Loved it. Good stuff Chris.

Thanks Matt, checked o’s were saying your track sounds like floyd :smiley: Dude floyd is my ultimate band. Your music definetly has that Pink Floyd mentality. Really great!! cheers :mrgreen:

Yeah I did say I didn’t go out to make it sound that way, though I happen to have every Floyd Album made. (maybe got a little influenced there), but hey, your song is…well I’m not going to compare it to anything. It’s just GOOD! Maybe you should think about having a go at making a clip for it. I just used ‘windows movie maker’ for mine. Had no idea what to do, but did some googling, got some tips and that’s what I came up with.

nice job! at 1st, I thought it would be an instrumental, but when the vocals popped in, was pleasantly surprised. You did fine on the vocals as well. Only thought then was that the intro might be a tad too long …just an initial thought.

great job on the song however!

Nice track!
Coupla things I’d suggest, Chris. You call it new age, so maybe you’re ok with the length of it, but it seems like
more of a slow rock tune from the point where the vocals come in.

Basically, I agree with Frank. The intro is too long, IMO. It’s the same repeating pattern for a full 1:26 before the vocal comes in, and to me that’s making the song about a minute longer than it needs to be. It might be different if you
had more sounds and/or melodic ornaments coming and going during that intro, but as is there’s not much going on.

My only other nit is with the drum sound. It sounds a bit like it’s coming from inside a box. Is that done with reverb and eq, or is it deliberate at all? I think if you add more low end punch to the kick drum (and to the bass), and
tried to get a cleaner drum sound, you’d have a much fuller, punchier production here. In some modern productions
a deliberate lofi approach is used on drums, usually by using distortion and filters, but this sounds like it wants to
be a more organic drum kit, but is missing the mark.

I love your vocal and the overall composition. It’s got a nice vibe to it.

Hey Frank thanks man :slight_smile:

And thank you for your ideas Lenny. I’m gonna say that I am actually quite new to the forum world and really dig the positive criticism. I will try what you suggested.

This project has been sitting for a couple months now I honestly cannot remember what was ‘going on’ with the drums. If i get you right, it almost feels like the drums need more ‘air to breathe’ ? I’ll look at reverb and EQ settings.
In terms of a punchier sound, off the top of my head, I am thinking of trying an envelope shaper on the kick, a touch more on the attack, maybe a bump around 100hz ? Depending on the drum sound I really like extending the release on the envelope shaper to give more sustain to the sound. Ideas ?
I also recently got the Renaissance bundle, would you think of adding the Bass plug in on the… bass? This may give a bigger perception of the bass, and maybe also dig around the EQ a bit.
I always seem to look at older projects I have done and wish I new then what I know now(not that that’s a lot) :laughing: but as you learn more you obviously improve.

Cheers, Chris