New Album- Fragile Magick

This took a while…3 years or procrastination actually! :smiley:

Material from Sonar Platinum, Cakewalk, and Cubase Pro. Mixed in Cubase, mastered in Ozone.

Thanks for listening…I made a lot of mistakes in the process, hopefully different mistakes on the next one. :wink:


Kind of hard to scrutinize any of the songs given the short-ish samples. Seems to be a pretty ambitious and pro-sounding offering, although the samples seemed a bit lo-fi. Was this all you alone, or are there collaborators? Good luck with it, in any case.

Hey swetch, thanks for listening! To hear the whole album or any of the songs go to the little Youtube icon down the page…that will bring you to my artist channel, at the bottom of that is the album. Click on the album to hear the album, click on the playlist link below the album to go to all the songs to listen to individually. This was a completely solo project…writing, performance, mixing, mastering, even the album cover :slight_smile:


To me it appears that the pieces are intended to sound big but the opposite happens due to use of wide stereo patches, reverb and compression etc.: the pieces end up with very few nuances and sound distant and small.