New All my libraries are F*#ked again

Hi All,

Got a new external 4TB SSD drive yesterday to replace previous 1TB one which was almost full to the limit. Transferred everything across, drive is in same enclosure, same kind and plugged in using the same chord, I did make a couple of well overdue folder changes especially one close to the top level (yeah i know, big mistake I get it). I should say the only ‘steinberg installed’ feels that live on this drive are the vstsound files as I was under the impression this was one of the few things we could locate where we want (I don’t really have a choice to be honest, i own lots of steinberg extra packs and instruments, so big, so many GB) i opened the library manager set new path, hit the button, it found new ones and i chose register in place (the new path it found, is the new one etc) but alas, i’ve c&#ked it up obviously because various instruments aren;t loading certain sounds ll over the place (wouldn’t it be all of them or none of them?).

Happy to go back to the beginning if i have to, is it a reinstall cubase type thing? even ifs it isn’t, should I? Im tempted to reinstall the entire OS to be honest, the way it is setup now is no longer relevant as i’ve got tones more space and don’t have to have things speadout in all kind s of different locations. Logic is also f*#ked as well. Any pointers or suggestions would be welcome, im pretty stressed about it.

For content that Steinberg Library Manager administers it is as simple as double-clicking any content file at the top level of your content folder to register them in the Library Manager.

Hey Steve - hope your well,

I did the double click on any one sound file inside the new folder (they’re all in one, not separated out or anything like that - this is as the download assistant installed them when i first got this machine), but it hasn’t worked obviously, sounds i use everyday not loading.

In fact, Im not sure if this means anything to you but i went into media bay and there is now a strange ‘tick or no tick’ type thing going on with standard folders which I didn’t do, as i said apart from specifying a different directory in the download assistant which i did on day 1, everything else is just run and chose yes yes ok, no moving or customising from me.

See below, heaps are unticked shown in dark grey, I own almost all of those, why would that be? I’ve tried ticking them on and ticking the whole folder off on but of course there is that much stuff in there it just hates it and refuses to let me do such a thing…

But this is not how to troubleshoot. You must look in the Library Manager. What do you see?

Yeah im aware of the process, it just hasn’t worked on this occasion thats all. First thing i did was go to library manager and change the path, it asked me if i wanted to install or register in place etc so i did that, the paths now appear correctly, but open up cubase, and no good. What i really can’t understand is why it’s not all of them. If the link to the folder where the vstsounds live is broken, and they’ve always lived together in the one fodler, then I would have thought none of them should be working right now.

If you don’t answer my question, how can I try to help you?

Post a Screenshot like the one below. Make sure to show the Default Location and also the Locations for a couple of Libraries.