New ANX Engine-Halion's VA?

I wonder what this new ANX engine is gonna be? I wonder if it’s gonna be based on the VA inside of Halion? Further more…Halion is kinda AHEAD of Yamaha’s workstations so I wonder if they will port the engine to us or only to the Hardware.

And SPEAKING to that…are Halion and the Motif based on the same “Engine”? Is Halion’s Sampling AWM2 or is it something different? Is it better? I have an old school Motif ES…and it’s hard to tell. Wondering how the MODX/Motif compare engine wise.

Amadeus e.d.p.

I’m pretty new to Halion, since I’m rather focused to FM-X I only tested a few of my handmade 90s Samples so far, but Halion seems to react different compared to my Montage, is fortunately getting along with my handmade (within an audio editor, for Soundcards with sample RAM ) samples much better than the AMW2 Engine, they’re usable on a much larger keyboard range.


Thanks for the feedback. So am I understanding you correctly that Halion is different but “better?”. To me it would seem like Halion would be AWM taken to the MAX since there are no real DSP restrictions.

Amadeus e.d.p.

Different, yes …Halion 7 seems to react better if you create sounds that consist of a single sample, I guess this isn’t making much of a difference when it comes to multi sampled sounds. Had similar problems with other software I tried, so this might be simply a differences in the used pitch shifting/interpolation algorithms.
I would rather assume that the developers influence each other function wise but the used code differs, since I’m even able to spot a few differences behaviour/sound wise between Montage and Halion 7 FM Engine.
The Halion “Analog Synth”/Synth Layer kind of has a few similarities to the AN1x but is function wise missing as well as adding features from/to that End 90s VA Engine. It might be inspired but not trying to replicate the AN1x, even so I would like to see an FS1R/AN1x Filter model and and the Oscillator Edge (overtone reduction) Parameter :wink:
I guess the usage of HW has changed over the last 20 years, I guess it’s more dedicated to live performance or being a toy now.

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