New app from Steinberg: Cubase IC Pro

Looks interesting:

Nice, still no Android though :frowning:.
Would also love it to be able to show the score editor, so you can actually have realtime sheet music playing along on your screen!

This looks pretty amazing, just what I was hoping they’d do.
Pricey but is getting rave reviews.

Thanks Surfer :wink:
I have no iDevice so it’s just drooling and tossing around ideas for now.

Couldn’t quite tell from watching the video and reading … is this something that we can work on a mix away from the studio on … either with headphones, or just connect some xlr’s out to any random set of speakers?

Thanks -

(Hmm, didn’t see it listed as an item under the “Shop” section of the linked-to page).

It is only a remote control app. So no you can’t do that stuff. You can control cue mixes, transport, drop markers and so on. Good for recording from across the room or in a booth.
Custom key command buttons are nice too.

Yeah, I think you’re right, you won’t be doing any mixing/automation on it. What is interesting though, is that if you can access the cue sends from this app, maybe we’ll be able to access them from other controllers (especially generic remote) eventually.

I noticed in the vid that all the performers are adjusting their local controls as they play.

First thought was that the engineer is probably pulling his hair out as the musicians keep turning themselves up in the mix! (Of course they wouldn’t do that though, just for their own IEMs, right?) :laughing:

Is your monitor wireless too, or do you use binoculars? :wink:

It seems an Android version is coming!

I hear ya about the eyes! :laughing:
They are making an Android version, avaialable “soon”.
They say Nuendo is not supported, but it works fine with it. I have not had any problems yet. Cubase 6 is not supported either, but it likely works as well since Nuendo is doing fine with it.


Yes and there are plenty of threads around in the forums…

£11.99 and it’s just a remote?!

It would have been better to build the remote control functionality into Cubasis which would then justify the price (of Cubasis) and give you something useful as a standalone app too.

Having to shell out a total of almost £50 but then be lumbered with two separate apps…epic fail IMHO.

Oh and it would be nice if the pricing was tiered to the Cubase user too, so full version users pay less.

Calling a $17 app that allows control of Cubase tramsport and mix/cue finctions remotely an “epic fail” is really over the top. Have you looked up the words “epic” or “fail” recently? Is English your first language?? I’m glad you’re not making decisions at Steinberg. As far as daw controlers for Ipad go this is right in the price range and many like V Control and Lemur are $50. It would have been silly to build this into the Cubasis app; then people who just want a littl;e beter control than the free app would have to shell out $50.

Ditto Someone is missing twinkies.

You’ve obviously misunderstood. I’m not calling IC Pro an “epic fail”. I’m saying that not having the remote control ability in Cubasis is an “epic fail” - and I’m using the term in jest, because it’s over used on the web in general.

Also, I’m not suggesting getting rid of IC Pro as a standalone app if/when it’s integrated into Cubasis. I’m just saying that (IMO) it’s too expensive for what it offers.

In other words, give Cubasis the ability to act as a remote and lower the price of IC Pro.

It would have been nice to see an iPad version of the original free remote.

The original free IC app works just fine on the Ipad. As I said before, I don’t think IC Pro is over any comparison.

Turns out I can’t use either app - I’ve got a first generation iPad.

umph BARPH!