new approach to room reverb

Hi all,
it may be a crazy idea but I have to write it down somewhere. I am emulating a live orchestra with vst’s and it is really annoying adding reverb to each instrument because every inch counts in live situation. So I was thinking about reverb plugin that would be like a real room. Just one reverb where every instrument can be sended in a different angle. For example we can set up where we sit and listen. Reverb has entrance point for every instrument group.
Reason why we can not do something like this is that there is no way for multiple sends that a plugin would recognize separately. This idea requires about 100 channels input and can be more like a part of a host program not a vst plugin.
This way we could set up our own symphonic orchestra template and to change room lenght, height, material only few clicks will be needed instead of choosing reverbs for each instrument separately. It would be a step forward for film industries also. Imagine that you have thousands of variations of reverb and that depends where you want your soundsources to be. And with a blink of an eye you can change bathroom to a hall or a small room…

I did not post this idea on plugins section because this needs higher level programming and could be something to by c7 for. For me at least.


you´re right that would be great…but not really necessarily…also it would be toooooo complex.

If you divide the orchestra in three to four several layers of depth and create for everyone a single bus you can delay it before it goes further to the reverberation…so you have different initial delays…damp a bit of high frequencies for Instruments in the rear and than you have a very good result.

I know it would be great to free position a single musician and the delay to other instruments and the individual delay to the room plus the near to the wall is calculated for us…

I just want to say…you do not need that much effort to achieve a good simulation…

Imagine every instrument must be panned with level and delay…i think to simulate that …maybe it will sound muddy than…haha

are there any plugin programmers out there? :smiley:

First find the right CPU. In about 20 years. :mrgreen:

And yet- the most grazy ideas of all times… have became part of our everyday’s life.
Hmm, I wonder how to fly…
I want to talk to my cousin 500 miles away…
I’m hearing music made 5 minutes ago in japan…

Have you senn this:

I can see one now. Well they’ve stolen my idea :smiley:
It is amazing but so is the price. But it is something to think about.

  • The Hundredth Monkey Effect . :bulb: Happens to me quite often , as in the Airpiano ( Theremin thread )

Fortunately, there’s already a legitimate air guitar…

lol, that looks ridiculous :laughing: