New Arpeggiator

A new Arpeggiator would be a great addition to a future update. Many of the newer synths like Spire and ANA 2 have amazing arpeggiators. The only problem is, if you want to convert this to MIDI data for even more manipulation, you can’t. You have to re-create the sequence manually.

Anyway, +1 for a new arpeggiator!

You can get some 3rd party vsts Arpeggiators.
Some are classics some are more based on randomizing… Xfer Chtullu (maybe there’s a typo here lol) is IMO one of the best 3rd party arp vst !

Will check that out. Cheers!

U’re welcome

A good step would be to just take the arpeggiator that is in Halion6 and put that in Cubase.

i dont know H6, but i’m sure its a good one… and BTW I would love to see a VSTfx to simulate the vintage and turntable playmode of GA4 (i kno how to do it, but with multiple processes instead of one switch…plus my processes flow is adding latency if i wanna play the moddified sound)

Have a look at the Halion6 demos, it is a good arpeggiator and one that Steinberg has the code for so it could not be so hard for them to drag it into Cubase.

Tried a demo a while ago (think it was H5), it went messing with my mediabay… i wont try anymore demos lol
I(ve got Falcon friom UVI, so i dont feel the need to pay H6. But like i’ve said, i bet the arp is great, and yeah would like to see a new arp in cubase (and the playback quality of GA4 in a vst)

What I meant was that you should look at some demo of it in Youtube. No risk there :slight_smile:

But personally I would like it even more if they added transpose modes to the standard-midi tools. Then we could just draw in arpeggios.

sure YT, true… tho i got some 3rd party ARPs that are pretty awesome (Xfer Cthulhu & SugarBytes Thesys) with some interesting randomize function.

Well if you got those arpeggiators I think you are covered :slight_smile:

Isn’t Retrologue 2 good enough? It have a sidechain for audio input.