New Arrival

Returned to Cubase after 15 years and trying to figure out the vexatious workflow: Not having track header volume and pan controls is a drag - as a workaround, is it possible to configure the inspector to continuously display volume, pan, inserts, and sends? Having to keep clicking on the tab open triangles is a real slowdown. Similarly, as a second workaround, is it possible to dock the channel settings windows in the lower zone? Having to keep clicking the ‘e’ button is a drag. I’m surprised such a mature application is so clunky in terms of workflow.

Hi and welcome back in the Cubase world,

Hold down Ctrl/Cmd and click to the other tab to open it in Inspector. The previous tab wouldn’t close in this case.

Unfortunately this is not possible. But the Channel Settings window follows the selection. So if you click to other track, you would see the other track settings. So you can keep the window somewhere on your screen for ever. Also Workspaces are your friends. :wink:

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