New Artist, New to Steinberg forums, looking to branch out.

Hi, im an Artist from Cali, mostly into hip hop…something about rapping just sticks with me. im not really looking for hip hop specific communications, but i have no one that i converse with that is serious about doing music of any kind.
Sob story aside, i just want to know how i would be able to branch out to anyone in my area who has the same passion as i do to just sit in the studio, and make music. other forums, websites, groups, people who no one knows about, all welcome.

I use cubase 7 and have created over 50 songs and over 300 beats. i need to learn more, i need to absorb more methods, i just dont know where to go to do that.

Thx for any help!
~Mike Stylez~

You might want to post something in the “Made with Steinberg” forum, that’s a good way to introduce yourself and attract like minded producers/artisits for discussion. This lounge is semi-full of old crusty guys :laughing: (including myself), who might not be into hip-hop all that much… just sayin’… of course you are most welcome to post here too, there are quite a few EDM folks about too, which is closer to the genre.


will do sir, thx alot