New artist, New to Steinberg forums, looking to branch out.

Hi, im an Artist from Cali SF area, mostly into hip hop…something about rapping just sticks with me. im not really looking for hip hop specific communications, but i have no one that i converse with that is serious about doing music of any kind.
Sob story aside, i just want to know how i would be able to branch out to anyone in my area who has the same passion as i do to just sit in the studio, and make music. other forums, websites, groups, people who no one knows about, all welcome.

I use cubase 7 and have created over 50 songs and over 300 beats. i need to learn more, i need to absorb more methods, i just dont know where to go to do that.

Thx for any help!
~Mike Stylez~

Hi Mike,

Welcome to the forum!
Post some links to your music to get some positive feedback, if you like.


Hello and welcome. :wink:

thx all, as i mix down some of the new stuff im making, i would love to share it when its done to the best i can.
Probably a stupid question, but whats the rules about putting music up that dopesnt have copyright?
I just make the music, still learning the bizz and social connections, so im not really savvy with all that and i dont want to get any ideas stolen.

Depends where you are in the world, however, you own your own copyright on what you create, provided you did not infringe upon anyone else’s in the making of your works. Its tricky when that is the case, say you sampled some phrases from another artist, etc. But if its purely your own, then nothing to worry about. You can register with various organizations as a safeguard, like ASCAP, SOCAN, etc… depends where you are in the world again. Can you ensure nobody is going to steal part or all of your work, no, but you can protect yourself to some extent by taking precautions like above. Its like raising kids, you nurture them, protect them until they grow up and leave, then you have to take it on faith they’ll be ok! :sunglasses:

And you don’t have to publish full works, you can do short excerpts (what I do on my site mostly). Up to you.

Hope that helps.

sho does. good analogy too lol, thank you sir