New at routing tricky setup-need help

I recently purchased a plugin called midiguitar2 version 12…I know how to route it to halion se sonic that came with the Cubasele8 free with a large purchase…it goes-one audio track/insert guitar midiguitar2 in that track as an effect/instrument track with Halion se sonic added…this makes it all work…but, I would like to know if Cubasele8 is capable of routing an additional bus from the dry guitar signal to an effects track so I can use a chorus, distortion etc.the guitar-midimidi2-Halion route should not be interrupted by any effects or the guitar midi won’t function…what I’m aiming for and don’t know how to do is have halion used as a violin or string section, then the other effects track with chorus etc play along simultaneously…can anyone walk me through the steps?


Yes, you can do so. Just add an Audio track and apply your Distortion, Amp Simulator, etc. here.

Will try after cleaning day…it seems this midiguitar2 is good in Cubasele8. .less latency and more variety…