"New Audio Drivers Found"... EVERY TIME I REBOOT

MacOS Catalina
Mac Mini 2019
Cubase 10.5.2

Every time I restart my computer (full power cycle), I get the “New Audio Drivers Found” dialog. This has been happening for over a year since I upgraded to Mojave and it’s followed me to Catalina.

I have tried trashing the preferences. Didn’t work.

I have tried unplugging all other “audio devices” from the computer so it’s just “Built In Audio” and “Universal Audio” but it still give me the “New Audio Drivers Found” dialog.

I’ve re-installed Cubase 10.5. Didn’t work. I also run Nuendo and it’s happening there too.

2 weeks ago I upgraded my old 2010 mac pro to Mojave in my second studio and it started giving me the exact same problem. It feels like it’s the MacOS that’s causing this.

Any other ideas?

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Yes, I have the same issue as well with Catalina.

It is not a Mac OS issue because other DAWs (and standalone VSTi’s) that I’ve used will always default to the last selected driver if available.

Pro Tools will always use my iD22 unless I load a session and the iD22 is not connected, Ableton, also no issue. Maschine and all Native Instruments standalone VSTi’s will always default to the settings I configure them with so I think it is something in the way Cubase deals with audio devices on Macs but I could be wrong.

I have the same Issue here. I have it since 9.5. That was when i got my mac. It followed me thru to Cubase 11 now. And its annoying as hell. Unfortunatly it´s not that alone, i also have to set up my generic remote device everytime i start Cubase. I’m using Touch OSC and the bridge driver needs to be inserted as in and out for the generic remote device.

Try this:

sudo mv /System/Library/Extensions/AppleGFXHDA.kext /System/Library/Extensions/AppleGFXHDA.kext.old

This command renames the hdmi audio and display port audio kext. The path could be different on your system.

The issue has to do with the hdmi and display port audio drivers.