New Audio Drivers found every time I start Cubase

Since updating to 10.0.30 Cubase finds new audio drivers after every restart. This has been a problem in the past, and I’ve spotted other producers (BT, for example) mention this on their socials.

Anyone else? Why can’t Cubase just remember my selection and move on?
Screenshot 2019-07-12 10.29.07.png


Does your Cubase quit properly? Does it save the settings? Doesn’t it crash silently while quit?

Actually, since installing Spectral Layers 6 it has been crashing on exit. So this might not be related specifically to 10.0.30.

But yes, there’s certainly a connection between Cubase crashing on exit and finding new drivers on restart. I’ve just done a restart from an empty project where Cubase did not crash on exit and everything worked as expected. So, we’re back to the crash in exit problem! :unamused:


Could you attach some of the crashes?

Sure, here we go. I really have no clue how to read these! Thanks for taking a look.


The crash is in the ARA service component.

If you have any ARA plug-in installed, make sure it’s up to date, please. In any case Melodyne needs the latest Melodyne 4.2.2.

Thanks Martin.

Indeed. I additionally mentioned above that this started to happen after installing Spectral Layers 6. There is no update yet, so something to live with for now! Cheers.