New Audio Export Window - Path Behaviour - Cubase 10 has added lots of extra clicks and navigation

Generally I’m enjoying Cubase 10 - the sidechaining feature in particular is saving me a lot of time.

There is one issue however that I think it would be very quick for Steinberg to resolve for the next update which has seriously hampered my workflow and is making it impossible for me to work in Cubase 10.

I create a lot of versions of tracks with slightly different but very long titles etc (do a lot of TV music so lots of file names and then - 30 second version for example) and I also regularly save new versions of old tracks with the same title and I want to overwrite the old one each time.

In every other version of Cubase I have been able to click on “Path” in the audio export window and it takes me to me folder where I can click an existing WAV and then click OK - it would then populate the “File name” and “Path” in the export window with the correct information. So basically it took me 2-3 mouse clicks maximum - if I’m doing 50-60 files a day then that worked well for me.

Now when I click “path” in cubase 10 - it requires me to manually type in the folder destination and the track title - this is disastrous for my workflow and is already costing me so much time. Or if I do lots of extra clicks and navigate through the drop downs to “choose” the folder it also now no longer shows the wavs so I can not click on another wav file to import the track name into the “File Name” box, so all-in this is adding lots of extra clicks and time to a process I might do 50-60 times a day.

I’m having to have a separate windows explorer folder open and cutting and pasting track titles and of course the explorer window disappears every time I click back onto Cubase - it doesn’t work basically!

Could you re-instate click on path to take to the folder - or even just make it so a right click on path gives that option or even just clicking on the word “path” itself, or even a way in preferences to choose how to make it work. At the moment it has just been completely removed - basically I need anything at all which will give me that option back. Also, please re-instate the ability to select a previous WAV once this window has opened so it uses the same file name.

Please let me know as soon as poss if you can fix this - it should be incredibly simple but would be hugely appreciated. In the meantime I have to go back to cubase 9.5, which is a real shame.

Thank you!

Thanks I will contribute to that thread - encouraging to see others have had the same issue - I really don’t want this to get buried in a mountain of requests, it’s really important for my day to day work.


(for future reference; I would keep concise and on point, with simple 1,2,3,4… etc steps to reproduce, when reporting issues. As soon as I opened your thread and saw all that text, I immediately wished I hadn’t and wanted to back straight out of it. I’m glad I didn’t, because I completely agree with your complaint.! However, for an Issues Forum report, this will all have been too much for some… Just saying…).

Yeah - I completely appreciate that i thought it was too long when I was writing it! But I wanted to get across exactly what the problem is and why it’s an issue - to sum it up more succinctly -

  1. Click on “path” in export window no longer takes you to folder
  2. Navigating to folder is now lots of extra clicks
  3. When you finally arrive at folder - you now can’t select a WAV of an old version and therefore can’t use the title
  4. To sum up - loads more clicks, typing, dis-organisation and wasted time on a process which we have to do hundreds of times!

I also like Cubase 10 overall although not spent enough time on it because as I find things that are taking to much time to learn anew I open the project on 9.5 and say to hell with it. I am sadly also finding that a lot more mouse clicks and scrolls are necessary to get the same work done as before at least with the way I am used to working. The pitiful small in details and info new export window now also requires more clicks and navigating to deeper windows for things as easy as changing the ID Tag and code when mixing down to MP3 for example.

Yes, this is a significant issue for me as well with film and TV cues that I do. In some ways C10 has even more clicks than before, and in some ways less. Adding more clicks and navigation when not at all necessary should always be forbidden in updates.


“choose location and filename” by clicking on the “path” field was so convenient…

    1. Also now the file name is not automatically selected / highlighted which means even more mouse clicks before you’re ready to export.

feels like Steinberg don’t test the workflow, just make random changes with no reason and call it an improvement
fixing what’s not broken


small, totally unnecessary change. big effect on the workflow! i don’t know what these people are doing.
for once I would like to quote Trump here: “You are fired!!!”

I’m sorry but that’s how easily they can break stuff. Get used to that.

Just to add to this request to restore “file path and name selection” I have discovered yet another feature of this new export window which used to work perfectly and is now totally useless:

When you export multiple tracks you used to be able to see all tracks nice and clearly and quickly identify that you had all the correct ones ticked.

Now there is a tiny (non-re-sizeable window) where you can only see a few beginnings of track names and you have to use a terrible horizontal and vertical scroll to even attempt to check you have everything.

Again for TV work I am constantly bouncing different stems and need to quickly change which ones I’m bouncing and check I have them all correct.

Please, I urge Steinberg to add an option in preferences to use the old export window as it was, it worked perfectly, let your customers make the choice rather than inexplicably making it for them.

If producers want to use a smaller export window with cascading menus on their laptop - fine, have that as a preference option but this new export window has destroyed my workflow and made it impossible for me to earn a living using C10, I have to use C9.5.

Man, this is killing me. Please have this remedied in the next update. It’s a very major issue, especially for people like me and others here who export large amount of cues every single day – it adds so much more time and frustration, whereas the goal should be to make things take less time. For my everyday fast-paced score work I’m also back on C9.5 specifically because of this, and I’m very unhappy about it.

Fridaysghost, you’re so right about the tiny window / incomplete track names / scrolling / difficult to read…

Everybody here is absolutely right!
I want the old Audio Export back - and I don’t care if it’s not dark grey !!!

Just to be clear to Steinberg: This is not simply about wanting it to be “the old way” because we’re stuck in the past. :slight_smile: It’s the fact that the new Export Window is functionally worse than the old one and causes major problems for many of us here. Whatever you do color-wise, etc., the things we’re talking about here need to happen in order for me to continue with C10 for my everyday scoring work (again, I’m back on C9.5 only because of this and how much time it costs me almost every day).

Thanks for the support on this everyone - the more people we can get to support this thread the more chance we have of an immediate fix in the next update. I’m told Steinberg are aware of the issue so we need to make sure it doesn’t get buried.

Steinberg - To summarise: Export Window Behaviour - for all the reasons above please:

  1. Restore function click on “Path” brings up “choose location and filename” window.

  2. Restore full size “Channel Selection” window so full names of ALL channels can be seen at once.

  3. Enable re-sizing of Export Window.

Thank you.

I would say this:

  1. Restore function click on “Path” brings up “choose location and filename” window.

  2. Restore full size “Channel Selection” window so full names of ALL channels can be seen at once.

  3. Enable re-sizing of Export Window.

  4. Restore custom mp3 specs in their original nested place, not a separate window (again, more clicks for no reason)