New audio interface suggestion for C7 & Win 8?

I upgraded my system good news! Bad news my old Tascam US-1461 usb 2.0 doesn’t want to be recognized all the time!! Tascam has discontinued model last driver update was 2010. I did get it to work for a bit and now windows keeps saying it doesn’t recognize driver. Intermitent use at best. Have removed and reloaded drivers etc. Anyone running the new win 8 and cubase 7 together out there? If so what audio interface you using? Do the Steinberg interfaces work well with C7 & win 8?

Dell XPS 8500 Intel core i7 3770 3.4 ghz 16gb ddr3 sdram Cubase 7 windows 8

Not sure what you need as far as input/outs of interface so that is always a consideration. I haven’t personally been happy with MR816csx driver and have had tons of issues especially when running other than 44.1. Pre’s on 816 are nice though and work well as lightpipe interface…I am sure you can find a lot of threads on it. When I mix I still use my Motu it’s been rock solid for me

Rick: Did you mean Tascam US-1641 :question:

I use a Tascam US-1641 and from what your
saying maybe I’'ll stay with Windows 7 for quite awhile. :wink:

Jack :smiley:

My RME Fireface runs smoothly on W8 (ever since I replaced the W8 firewire driver with the legacy W7 driver, I must add).
RME’s drivers are rock solid.

RME = great reliabilty on drivers (using my FF800s for 7 years now from XP to Win7) + great audio quality. Depending on your needs (channel count) you have a great choice of stuff…

TotalMix (or TotalMix FX for newer devices) provides the most flexible routing capabilities on earth :sunglasses: DigiCheck is an addition I wouldn’t want to miss. Both are standard software for all RME devices.

As a hardcore UAD plugins user, I’ve been looking at UA Apollo a while but its routing is incredible limited. Have tried an MR816 (as a spare interface) - good preamps, horrible handling/flaky software + drivers. My FF800 sounds as good as the first day and has never let me down. If I wanted to buy a new interface, I’d go for Fireface UFX. My 800 just doesn’t give me a reason to :mrgreen:


Working with the TASCAM US-1641 and USB 2.0 and the newest driver v2.02 since more than 3 years now. Sometimes, if you leave the system for some time, the device must be switched off and on again to work properly.
But this is just a small issue.
I didn’t get any other complains in this regard.
(Now change to a rme fireface 800, but that’s another story :wink: )


Another vote for RME!

I own a Fireface UCX interface (previously owned a Firefece 400) and couldn’t be any happier. I never had a problem with the FF400, but I of course wanted the latest and greatest, so I got the UCX. Now I love RME even more simply due to the fact that they made something that was already great even better.

The Round Trip Latency on the UCX is insane for a USB 2.0 interface (Actually, it is both a USB and FW interface, but I like the convenience of the USB connection). It’s better than what the FF400 gave me using FW connection. It’s just as good (and possibly even better than some) PCI and PCIe interfaces. Not to mention the sound quality, routing flexibility, direct monitoring capabilities with FX, cue mixing, A/B monitoring, Digicheck, etc. RME products also hold their value better than a lot of hardware units out there. Yes, they are a little expensive (not so much considering what you get though, IMO) but you will not regret it.



All depends on wat you want, ask yourself what are you gonna need most of the time

I have an RME Babyface,

I’ve had creamware, digi and tascam but this company is the best

best quality for the price, also comes with adat so I have 10 ins en outs

The driver software is less then 1 mb, I like that.

Comes often with updates, also had a question one time about C7 and it was answered the same day

so good support as well