New Automap 4.11beta1 with Cubase 9 Support - Novation Impulse 49-61

Dear Forum Users,

Focusrite, who is the designer of Novation Automap has released yesterday a new Beta Version Ver.No. 4.11b1. The original text as follows:


I am contacting you as we have recently released a beta version of Automap which introduces support for Cubase 9. This is something you’ve previously registered interest it.
You can download Automap 4.11b1 (the version which introduces Cubase 9 support) from > > .

Best Regards,

Focusrite Technical Support

For some reasons you have to register to get/download the new Beta Automap Server.
Tested it yesterday and yes, it has now support for Cubase 9. There is an Install Routine which guides you through the setup of your Cubase 9 and Impulse, it detects the installed PlugIns, Mixer and stuff like that, also give you hints how to configure Cubase to interact with Automap. For some reasons it doesn’t detect the Steinberg Halion SE and Groove Agent SE Plugs. In my case it also does several double entries, not sure if it depends on my Software configuration.
At time of writing I didn’t figured out the pre-configured mapping in relation between Novation Impulse 49 and Cubase 9.
I noticed, that by installing the new Version of Automap, the old one isn’t de-installed. Not sure if this makes sense or not.

Tested on Win10 64, Cubase Pro 9.0.30



Thanx for the headsup!



Absolutely elated that Novation Automap developers have finally pulled through. Anticipation for this update had dwindled to a " No longer supported " in my mind as I have been itching to purchase a competitors controller. The time wait has certainly tested my patience but alas. it has paid off. Thank you sooo much Novation for this Automap Update. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Does it still wrap(=copy and adapt) all your plug-ins before it can work?

Does it work with Waves plugins yet?

Does it work with Waves plugins yet?

Waves built in support for all plugins a couple of years ago, but dropped it when they saw Novation / Focusrite were letting it die.

I think you’ll find that many of the older ones will still work, but anything made or updated in the last couple of years won’t.

…in my setup it’s not wrapping all of the instrument plugs through copy, some of them are, guess them are all not VST3. Same with the efx section.

Remember to add the folder locations. Cubase only supports 64bit so that 32bit folder might have been skipped over when you scanned with automap.

Also, it does say beta …hopefully we get 1 more update cause I think 9.5 is right around the corner :confused:

Too late. I sold my impulse not long ago. Could not wait anymore.

Shocking yet welcome news. Soon we’ll have C9.5, and maybe that will restore the old status quo. :unamused: Still, I’m grateful.