New automaticly added Midi remote conflicting with the legacy pages - mackie control

I’m running lemur with a 16 channel Mackie control. I noticed strange behavior after updating to cubase 12.0.50 when controlling inserts, (plugins) : the MCU always only displayed and controlled the first insert, even when selecting insert 2 or higher. Also, channel 9 fader jumped to zero when it should not, in the mixer. Cubase 11 however, was working fine with the same settings and app. After some uninstalling and installing older versions of 12, the issue was not resolved. After a close look in the studio setup, I found that there were some new remotes added in the new midi remote setup: A new Mackie control connected to the first ports I use. The second MCU was not available in the new midi remote setup. (??). In the legacy setup there were also 2 Mackie controls connected, as intended.

Anyway, after disabling the script (and another one, for a behringer BCR2000 witch was also (automaticly) added without me knowing), everything now works as expected again.

I 'not amused, and considder this to be a bug. This should not happen.
I hope that people with the same problem can solve it with this information.

I was on C12.0.50, now on 12.0.40 (because of troubleshooting). I will report later if the problem is also solved with the 12.0.52 version.

And If switching to the new midi remote for both MCu’s and deleting the ones in the legacy page works as intended.

The issue was probably due to double notes send by two MCU’s on the same ports.