New behavior: on Quit DP4 (latest release) hangs with spinning wheel of death

Spin dump attached: (369.9 KB)

If Dorico is hanging on exit, it’s very likely related to the audio engine. Could you also please take a sample of the VSTAudioEngine process and provide that, along with a sample of the Dorico process?

@dspreadbury , a spindump contains dumps of all running processes, also from the audio engine. I already had a quick look, but the audio engine appears to be fine, but I need to resolve with symbols first to say something more precise.

Great, thanks! I can’t resolve this particular spindump just now because the script we use can’t handle this latest format in Monterey, but as soon as I can resolve it I will ask the team to take a look.

So it appears that Dorico is hanging when trying to remove some stale backup projects. Tom, could you please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file here so I can see a bit more about what it might be trying to do?

And nothing special on the audio engine side, just normal idle handling.

Dorico (1.3 MB)

That all looks normal, Tom. I wonder whether perhaps at some point macOS has asked you whether or not you wanted to allow Dorico to have access to your Documents folder, and you didn’t allow it access?

In System Preferences, go to Security & Privacy, then choose the Privacy tab, and in the category list on the left, scroll down to Files and Folders, and find Dorico 4 in the list of applications on the right-hand side. Does Dorico 4 have access to your Documents Folder?

To allow Dorico to ask you again, you can select Dorico 4 and click the - (minus) button at the bottom of the list of apps. Next time you try to open a project file in Dorico, it will ask you again whether or not you want to allow access to that folder: be sure to click Allow.

Alternatively, you could try adding Dorico 4 to the apps allowed under Full Disk Access, though this shouldn’t be necessary.

Hi Daniel,

Yes, when I first ran DP4 it asked for access to the Documents Folder. I gave it that and I think I also gave it full disk access. I will have to check just to make sure when I get home tonight.

This is how DP4 (and 3.5) are configured:

Screen Shot 2022-02-17 at 4.06.27 PM

Should there by anything else?

No, that looks OK. And you find the hang is consistent, every single time you try to quit Dorico? If you first close any open projects before you quit the application, does that seem to make any difference?

Hi Daniel,

I mostly work on my desktop so I rarely quit DP and usually when I do it’s because I might be working on my current project on my laptop (and I save to the cloud so I don’t want multiple versions floating around). The other times I might quit DP is for some software update that requires a restart. It’s mostly after the restart action initiated by the software update that DP can sometimes hang. I can’t say it is a frequent occurrence.

It didn’t appear from the logs included in the diagnostics you attached earlier that you were loading and saving projects to a cloud location. Are you using iCloud Drive, Dropbox, something else?

iCloud Drive to save projects but DP4 uses my local drive for backups.

For the time being I’m at a bit of a loss. Next time it happens, please provide a spindump and a set of diagnostics that you capture immediately after quitting and restarting Dorico, so we can hopefully try and match up the order of events?